The 27th is D-day!

Today is my birthday!

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  1. happy birthday from sunny south africa

  2. hans zwiers says:

    Hey Menno,

    Dat had je dus wel even mogen zeggen, hi.

    Namens Maaike en mij van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.

    buurman Hans

  3. Rickie says:

    Happy Birthday boy

    I visit your blog daily, and there is a Q.

    as Microsoft described, CRM Desktop client support multiple concurrent users for centralized application servers (i.e. Citrix and terminal servers)

    but … can they use only one license? I mean, many user use "bob" to logon to the terminal server? and then they use "Bob" in the CRM system?

  4. Gefeliciteerd Menno!

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