Microsoft CRM Caching tool update

Hello freaks!

I was surfing through my collection of CRM blogs and I came to the conclusion that I missed an update on the tool I use a lot on Demo VPC's and such. Now the tool runs as a service and it will be more friendly to you when giving a demo.

You can get an updated version of this great tool at Joris's blog:

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  1. harry says:

    I have already done that and it works great. Thanks!

  2. José Miraglia says:


    I have some questions!

    Some of my customers have been experiencig some performance issues and I am looking for ways to help them!

    1) Is that OK to run the service (Caching Tool)on a production enviroment? Is there any issue to consider?

    2)Do you know about any paper that can help me on improving performance for Microsoft CRM Server and Clients?

    Best Regards,

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