Microsoft CRM and changing your SQL Reporting Server

What procedure to follow if you split up your Reporting Server from your SQL Server....

You start with adjusting the reporting registerkey on the Microsoft CRM server into the new address. After this you want to reinstall the Reports on the new Reporting Server, to achieve this you need to run a command called

This command should be typed in a CMD box, to do this, go to Start-Run-CMD on the CRM server. The command will look like the following:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM\Reports>
publishreports.exe "Your Org" "Domain\ReportingGroup {GUID}" "NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService"

You will need to enter your Organization Name exactly how it was installed in CRM.
You will also need to enter your Domain\ReportingGroup {GUID}. The GUID can be found in Active Directory Users and Computers. You should see a ReportingGroup under the CRM Folder.

You should be able to use
PublishReports.exe (with the publish.config and RDL file(s)) to publish all the reports including custom. The custom reports are also meant to leverage against advanced find in CRM.

"You might run into trust for delegation attention to my follow up postings about this subject."

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  1. fisher8112 says:

    I have CRM 3.0 SBE and SQL 2003 running on a single server w/ Reporting Services installed.  I can access the reports page (which is blank right now…) just fine.

    When trying to use the publishreports.exe command, I receive the following error:

    "SRS soap exception: The operation you are attempting requires a secure connection (HTTPS)."

    Any ideas?

  2. mennotk says:

    HI fisher,

    It appears that the publisher is pointing towards http://Servername rather than HTTPS:// servername. To double check the value that the tool is using can you check the following registry key and be sure that it is pointing to the SRS Server using HTTPS?

    HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftMSCRM : SQLRSServerURL

    Please let me know if this works and i make an article from this item.

  3. fisher8112 says:

    YES!  That worked!  Thank you!

    I now have the default reports published on the server; however, I am unable to view these reports in the CRM client (whether html or Outlook).  Even from the server, logged in as the administrator, no reports appear in the CRM client (http:servername:5555).  Am I missing something very minor after publishing the reports?

  4. mennotk says:

    Hi fisher,

    Check these things.

    Go to the report manager http://server/reportserver and check that the the Org_Name folder has the Publisher for Microsoft CRM role assigned to Network service account and Browse for CRM Reports rols assigned to ReportingGroup group.

    Look at chapter 24-1 for more detailed info and i hope it helps. Let me know.

  5. Katy says:

    I can publisher the reports and I can view those on report manager but i cant view in the CRM , I Apply you last coment

  6. Fraud007 says:

    Hi there. I’ve created reports using RS, and have sucessfully published them into CRM. From CRM, I can view the reports. However, when i’m at a client and try to access the report via a public IP address, I get a DNS error. I can get into CRM, view all the reports, except for my customized reports. As I said, when i open my customized reports i get a DNS error of some sort.

    Someone please help! Thank you in Advance.

  7. Enrique Ortiz says:

    I have a trouble, when i want to update a report, if i leave the same name that the report have the report DONT change, Its the same older version until I change the name of my report and try to update again.

    Do you know what can I do?

  8. banhinc says:

    What if I don’t want to move the Reporting Server, but just want to change CRM report URL?  I have tried changing the SQLRSServerURL key alone without success.  Am I missing something else?

  9. willg says:

    banhinc  – You should reboot the CRM server after updating the sqlrsserverurl key to apply the change. I had the same issue today, where after making the change, remote clients were still hitting the old key.

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