CRM languages

Having to answer a lot of questions lately about in how many languages Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in. Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM mulit-lingual....and etc. I have decided to give a short summary here, since i saw an internal discussion about this as well.

1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team blog has a good posting about Multi-Lingual, and you can read it overhere:

2. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Language Compatibility Reference document was recently published:

The following is published in that article:

Microsoft CRM 3.0 is available in the following language versions:

·         English-US (ENU)                                         Ÿ     Finnish (FIN)

·         German (GER)                                              Ÿ     Greek (ELL)

·         French (FRA)                                                Ÿ     Turkish (TRK)

·         Spanish (ESN)                                              Ÿ     Norwegian (NOR)

·         Italian (ITA)                                                   Ÿ     Swedish (SVE)

·         Dutch (NLD)                                                  Ÿ     Hungarian (HUN)

·         Danish (DAN)                                                Ÿ     Czech (CSY)

·         Portuguese (PTG)                                          Ÿ     Chinese – Simplified (CHS)

·         Portuguese – Brazil (PTB)                              Ÿ     Japanese (JPA)

·         Polish (PLK)

·         Russian (RUS)

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