Microsoft CRM STRESS!!!!!?

Hi all....

Just a copy and paste action of a nice item on the CRM Sandbox:

The Microsoft DynamicsT CRM 3.0 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit is available for download now. A tool that was created by the Microsoft® CRM product team, it provides a method of performance testing for many customer scenarios. Taking the time to carefully consider and gather dataset and workload requirements, together with accurate modeling of those requirements may prevent added expense if a performance or scalability design is discovered late in the implementation process.

Download it here:
CRM 3 Performance and Stress Test Toolkit

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  1. todd says:

    it’s a bit average, people need to know if their currnet server will hold up before they go out and buy a new one, they need a stress tester that doesnt require you to install a crm first.

  2. mennotk says:

    Hi Todd,

    In one way I agree with you and one way I dont. You are talking about only 1 environment. My example was talking about enterprise environments with multiple CRM installations. Test, development, production etc.

    I do agree that there maybe should come a test application that can test your CRM performance load on your production environment before installing.

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