Microsoft CRM and Business Scorecard Manager

- Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager templates -

A great example of how business applications can and should be integrated with each other.
I was hoping i would get a lot more comments in my previous posting, but hey we can have it all.

The templates you can find in the attachment are: Win/Loss, Deal Velocity, Lead Analysis, Opportunity Analysis and Ratios and Product Analysis. The samples cover many of the measures and dimensions found within the Adventure Works DW sample provided with SQL Server 2005.

So for the folks that did leave a message take a look at the attachment of this posting and make a link to it if you like what you see....

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  1. Looks interesting.

    I’m trying to find info on MS CRM 3.0 and OLAP, this might give me some clues.

  2. mennotk says:

    Hi Kaisa,

    Did you take a look at the SDK yet? I would recommend reading that. You can find it here:

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