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I have been receiving a lot of emails and questions how you could add extra attributes when you convert a lead to an account or just how to map attributes in general. Below i typed out some steps to realize mappings in Microsoft CRM 3.0

Entity Mapping by performing the following steps:

  1. Select Settings, Customization, Customize Entities.
  2. Choose an Entity to edit.
  3. Click Relationships.
  4. Locate the relationship between Entity1 and Entity2 (e.g. Lead and Account).
  5. Edit that relationship.
  6. Click Mappings.
  7. Here you can choose for New, Remove or Generate Mappings.
  8. Choose New.
  9. From the Lead Attribute list on the left, select for example an Address Attribute you wish to map to Account .
  10. On the Account Attribute list on the right, select the appropriate Address Attribute that matches the Lead Attribute.
  11. Click OK .
  12. Repeat steps 8 - 11 for each part of the address or any other Attribute that you need to map.
  13. Save your changes.
  14. Publish All Customizations.
  15. Test it.

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  1. Ben Walton says:

    Is it possible for me to convert say an opportunity to another custom entity?  I need to convert an opportunity into a Project, as once the opp is closed & marked as won we need to track the process through our project management team…

  2. David Atherton says:


    I was wondering if it is possible to create a relationship (1 to many) for the Notes entity (i.e. Notes made on a lead would be propagated to the Notes entity for Contacts and Account). I’ve tried to look for an attribute for the Notes entity but have not been able to find one.

    Thanks for any help you can give…


  3. mennotk says:

    Hi Dave,

    The system cannot do this by design. The reason behind this is that when the specs were made the thought would be that the notes are "lead specific". If you do think this a feature that has to be in the new version, please leave a comment or go to the Microsoft dynamics page and fill out a feature request form.

  4. David Atherton says:

    Thanks…I’ll drop a line on the Dynamics website.


  5. Chubbly Geezer says:

    I have an entity ‘Job Costs’ which has relationships to 3 other entities:

    ‘Jobs’, ‘Stock Items’ & ‘Costs Types’

    Job Costs has 6 attributes:

    Job Ref – relationship with Jobs

    Item – relationship with Stock Item

    Cost Type – relationship with Cost Types (this relationship has an

    additional mapping of Unit Cost –> Unit Cost)

    Unit Cost (see above)


    Total Cost

    There is code behind the Qty so that when it is updated the Total Cost is


    From the forms of the 3 ‘parent’ entities there is a link to the Job Costs, however only

    when I enter a Job Cost record by drilling down within Cost Types is the

    Unit Costs populated.  Why won’t it update from where ever when I enter the Cost Type?

    Hope this is clear.

    Any ideas please

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