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Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more than the best CRM solution in the market - it's also a great platform for CRM solutions of many kinds. Both xRM and vertical solutions shows this greatness and impressive unlimited possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This blog page gathers some of the sources for more information, for demos and for full blown strong solutions.

Are you a partner: check-in to the resources below.
Are you a (potential) customer: some of the resources are partner-only, so contact your CRM partner or Microsoft representative.

Below, you'll first find a section with generel resources and after that specific solution examples with links on to next steps.

Enjoy! 🙂

Martin Houlberg Jensen
CRM Evangelist
Microsoft Dynamics CRM team



Generel resources

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For industry-specific solutions go here

For customer stories go here


Solution Area:
Enhanced Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Want to be more proactive towards your customer and hence optimize your business opportunity? Build on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Unified Communications you have the opportunity to use state of the art Contact Center.

You will have the opportunity to service your customers instantly when you have a dialogue with them on the phone. An instant overview is provided to the Call Center agent and all relevant information for you will be captured during the call. An easy way to maximize the productivity for your sales force and create an even better experience for your customers.

View a demo - Read more



Solution Area:
The Citizen Service Platform

What if the 'C' in CRM is not for 'Customer' but for 'Citizen'? 

A fast growing focus area is the citizen service business. Governments and other local and public offices turn to CRM concepts and guidelines to offer better and more effective service for their 'customers'. The Microsoft approach is called CSP - Welcome to the Citizen Service Platform.

CSP is showing how the public sector can provide better, more cohesive and efficient digital service to citizens and businesses and how the public sectors around the world can manage and empower the public universe of work processes, citizen portals, data standards & data models, legal framework, shared public databases and much more.

There are already many service areas that runs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the platform and on the CSP sites below you can find in-depth information papers as well as case studies from around the world.

Watch a video - Read more - Read even more


Video: Contact Center / 311 - Solution for the Public Sector

Microsoft Public Sector Demonstration Site

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for government




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