Microsoft Office of the CIO blog has moved

Hi readers,

My apologies. We up and moved, but didn't leave a forwarding address. Sorry about that.

Since late October 2012, Microsoft IT employees have been blogging and sharing videos on Microsoft's external website. The new blog is located here.

Here's what has been published since late October.

  • Paul Slater did in fact publish part 2 of his blog on application portfolio management, where he provided four recommendations for successful application portfolio management. See here
  • I blogged about CIO Tony Scott's favorite internal application that we moved to Windows Azure: our online auction tool. Read here.
  • Tobias Klauder blogged abut the Yammer acquisition, and how Microsoft IT used the M&A Playbook to make integration as successful as possible. Read here.
  • Peter Loop blogged about Microsoft IT's 2-tier ERP strategy and talked about the strategy of "build to last and build to change." See here.
  • Last week, the chief information security officer (CISO) of Microsoft IT blogged about his agenda, and the fact that it's more than dealing with the consumerization of IT. Read here.

CIO Tony Scott is still sharing his perspectives as well. In late October a TechNet Radio interview was published in which Tony discussed some of the short- and long-term benefits of moving to the cloud. Listen here.

Finally, I'll point out that the new location of the Office of the CIO blog is conveniently located near the new home of the Microsoft IT Showcase website, where you can read planning and deployment guidance from Microsoft IT. See here.


Patrick O'Rourke

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  1. Bryan says:

    You blog has moved, but it doesn't support a RSS feed. I guess I have one less blog to follow now.

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