June 5th Executive Webcast – Innovate with Social: Improving Collaboration and Connections in the Enterprise

This is a guest post by Barry Briggs, Chief Architect and CTO, Microsoft IT.

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As use of social media explodes, the business value of leveraging social technologies inside an Enterprise has been hotly debated. Most CIOs agree that social media can help companies gain a competitive advantage by improving collaboration and productivity inside an organization, as well as providing better connection, engagement and overall satisfaction with your customers.

Join me, my colleagues at Microsoft and industry leaders in a dynamic discussion around one of the top four CIO priorities that will dominate the next decade: Social Media. You will learn about how social technologies can transform your business through specific examples inside Microsoft and other enterprise organizations. You will also learn about Microsoft solutions that will help your company improve the value of customer relationships, build better response capabilities and gain the advantage of a highly productive organization.


Innovate with Social: Improving Collaboration and Connections in the Enterprise

8:30 AM PST

Microsoft executives and industry leaders will discuss opportunities around social in the enterprise and why it is one of the key megatrends that will dominate the next decade.

9:15 AM PST

Listen to social media experts go deep and share specific examples of how they are using social as the next wave of collaboration/productivity and 2) how to better connect/engage with their customers. This session will provide examples inside of Microsoft and also showcase Microsoft software and service solutions that can help companies achieve these goals.

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I hope to see you there!

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