Azure CDN Links

I pulled together a few resources on Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) and thought I would share them more broadly. Managing Azure CDN – Azure  CDN locations – Using Azure CDN – Azure Websites and CDN (Video) –


Azure Machine Learning

I pulled together a few links on Azure Machine Learning and wanted to share them. Documentation – Machine Learning APIs – Machine Learning Gallery – Machine Learning Get started now –


Azure Media Services

I pulled together a brief list of resources on Azure Media Services and wanted to share them. Azure Media Services offering – Azure Media Services documentation –


Azure Web Sites A/B testing the easy way

Have you been wanting to do some A/B testing?  What do you need to do the test? Are you using Azure Websites?  Does you Azure website have deployment slots (these are in the standard and premium offering)? How do you do it? 1. Navigate to 2. Browser to you website 3. Select All settings…


Azure Storage Details

Q: How much can a single storage account hold? A: Each Azure storage account can hold 500 TB per account Q: How many storage accounts can a single subscription have? A: Each subscription supports up to 50 storage accounts (so 500 TB * 50 = 25 Petabytes) Q:  Can I have my app write to…


How can replace or add a new service administrator to my Azure account?

Q: How can replace or add a new service administrator to my Azure account? A: There are couple of ways to handle this: · Contact support and ask them move the account to a new Microsoft account, I believe this can be done · Use the approach below to have you stay on the account,…


Microsoft Venture Accelerator–Chicago Companies

We had two fantastic Chicago companies, ClearContract and ParkNav, that were part of the Microsoft Ventures Seattle Accelerator.  These two companies had their demo day on Friday.  You can see their presentation at  All the startups are fantastic, but for you Chicagoans I have liked directly to the two Chicago companies that were presenting….