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clip_image004Become a Microsoft Student Partner

Are you passionate about technology? Do you aspire to a career in technology? Are you ready to get going now?

The MSP program is for you - a great opportunity to be the voice of Microsoft on campus and lay the foundation of a great leadership career in technology. Learn more about the opportunity here.

See the attached job description for more information about the MSP program.


Apply by Monday, September 15th

1. Create a one-minute video addressing the following prompt-Why should we select you to be an MSP?

2. Fill out the online application at

*You will be asked for the link to your video in the online application.

Why is being an MSP awesome?

· Network with Microsoft, partners and the industry

· Experiences to boost your resume and start a career in technology

· Hands-on experience with the latest and coolest technologies

What does an MSP do on campus?

o Share their passion for Microsoft technology with students and faculty

o Motivate students to become published app developers

o Use social media to share exciting Microsoft news and student opportunities

o Throw awesome hackathons and tech events!

For further questions contact

“Being an MSP has granted me numerous opportunities to demo Microsoft products, meet new people, gain experience and work on my presentation skills. The benefits of an MSP are exceptional and it does look great on your resume!”

-Jamar Salmon-SPSU MSP

“The experience of being an MSP is unlike any other, it was also amazing to be able to dive deeper into the technology world with a cool group of friends.”
-Justin Wunder-Louisiana Tech University MSP


To learn more about the MSP program, check out our Facebook page at


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