WinJS for the C# guy: Getting started.

I have been learning about building Windows 8.1 apps using WinJS.  This has been a pretty big paradigm shift for me as I have been a strongly typed C# Win Forms, WPF and then WinRT guy for quite a while.  However, learning something new is always a good challenge, so I decided to get started.  If you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript this isn’t a big change, but I have not done a lot of web dev recently, so I needed to work through the basics (and or refresh) my knowledge of these technologies.

In this series of blog posts, I plan to share some details of what I have learned along the way from the resources, to keep concepts and examples. 

There is a sea of resources for this type of thing, but I choose the following self-study resources to get started.  I’ll provide the full list of web tech resources you can work through if you would like to, but I found my review and working through the W3 school HTML, CSS and JavaScript courses enough to get me started.

Course Link
W3 HTML Course
W3 CSS Course
W3 JS Course
W3 JQuery Course
W3 AJAX Course
W3 JSON Course

Comments (1)

  1. sebagomez says:

    I honestly don't think W3 is the best resource for html. Not to mention it has nothing on the WinJS framewrok. I would suggest taking the MVA courses

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