Presentation Format for Judging Round

There are a lot of teams, so we need a structured, fair and repeatable process for judging.  Here are details relating to judging. 

Teams will declare their intent to compete by signup for a judging slot from 9:00 AM Sunday until 11:30 AM Sunday.  From 11:35 AM to 11:55 AM judges will assign team's their 10 minute judging slots.  Judging will start by at 12:00 PM sharp. 

  • Team must be present at their judging slot and present on time. 
  • Teams will have 1 minute to setup their presentation and such (connect to AV and all that)
  • Teams will have 8 minutes to present their project (if their setup runs long it comes out of their presentation time)
  • When time runs out of time they stop presenting
  • Teams will have 1 minute to gather materials and make way for the next team

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