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Let’s do the pre-work to publish an app

Hello spring OMIS 259 and OMIS 351 Students.  Instructions for getting started and building your app can be found here:

At the event…Need some help?  Look here first


Need your app URL in the store?    

Mac users?  Can’t upload your .xap file.  There seems to be an issues with Sliverlight on the Mac with uploads.  Please use a PC such as the ones found in the labs.

How do I get back to App Studio?

How do I get back to the Windows Phone store? (click dashboard)

Need to do the pre-work? 

Need to create a Microsoft Account?

Need to create Windows Phone Develop Account? 

Need to create you app logo? (the template is

Need to get your app screen shot?

Getting a 450 error creating your account?  Search for 450 after opening this doc

Need to resize an image and you’re using Windows?

Need to resize an image and you’re not on Windows?

How do I create transparent backgrounds (for Mac and PC users) -

What are the images sizes? 

What do I need to submit to the store?

Need the detailed publishing walk-through? 

Comments (3)

  1. Robert Nolte says:

    Excited to have such a great person come to our class. 🙂

  2. Ahmer Mumtaz says:

    Pretty simple steps, might take longer if you don't have a MS account.

  3. Os says:

    Two steps before submitting my App to the Windows Store, while i'm trying to upload my package to the Packages step, this message will come out "You can upload only .appx, .appxbundle or .appxupload files" Please i need help  from anyone knows how to solve this issue. Thanks

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