App manifest compliance test–failed.


When I ran the Windows App Certification test kit if failed on the App manifest compliance test.  I’ve included this section of the report below (see below the image found below).  As I did a bit of research I realized that I had app logos with white (#FFFFFE) as their background color.  I had selected the Light for the Foreground text color.  Basically I had white on white so the text was not visible.  I changed the foreground test to Dark (see screen shot below) and the text on the logos became visible and I passed the cert test.




App manifest compliance test


App manifest

  • Error Found: The app manifest test detected the following errors:

    • The contrast ratio of the background color and foreground text color is 1. This ratio should be greater than or equal to 1.5.
  • Impact if not fixed: Apps that violate the Windows Store certification requirements can’t be submitted to the Windows Store.

  • How to fix: App manifest must include valid entries for all required fields, please modify the manifest entries listed above. See link below for more information:
    Certification requirements

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  1. Vishav says:

    This test validate all images you described in App package manifest file.Please refer MSDN link for more clearification…/jj657973

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