7 Steps to MSBuild

Brennan has a great post about all things MSBuild, and covers good breadth on both concepts, as well as the many things you may want to drive with MSBuild (unit testing, web deployment projects, etc). Check it out! [ Author : Faisal Mohamood ]


Multi-Targeting : How does it work?

So in my last post, I described the multi-targeting feature at a very high level. I discussed how there will be three frameworks that you can build “for”, and how there will be two toolsets – i.e. .NET Framework 2.0 / MSBuild 2.0 toolset, and the .NET Framework 3.5 / MSBuild 3.5 toolset. Recall that the…


MSBuild / Visual Studio aware error messages and message formats

MSBuild recognizes error messages and warnings that have been specially formatted by many command line tools that typically write to the console. For instance, take a look at the following error messages – they are all properly formatted to be MSBuild and Visual Studio friendly.     Main.cs(17,20): warning CS0168: The variable ‘foo’ is declared but…


/p property values are immutable – (sort of)….

Hello there – sorry for the long absence, but we’re back and hopefully I’ll keep this going again. So there was a recent forum post about how property values that are specified from the command line are immutable – i.e. it is not straightforward to change them from within the project file. Well, this is…


New Feature Feedback Request: /IgnoreProjectExtensions – A new command-line switch

I’ve been in a cave just getting things done toward our Orcas release. But there’s not much a Program Manager can do without going back to their customers 🙂 So here I am. So here’s the scoop.  We’ve been debating internally about a new command line switch on msbuild.exe for sometime now. I am not certain…


How To: Implementing Custom Tasks – Part I

While MSBuild is all about build customization,we never really blogged about what is involved in implementing custom tasks.  Partly, I suppose that’s because implementing a custom task is as easy as falling off a log most of the time: 1) Subclass Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Task abstract class 2) Implement the Execute method But there’s a lot more to…


Platform Sprint 11

The new year got off to a good start for us with the MSBuild Platform Sprint 11 Backlog selection meeting. Platform Sprint 10 was focused mostly on getting our Compatibility story in place. All of the work from the last sprint in terms of compatibility has been checked in and is now in use. This means that…

Well Known Limitation: Dynamic items and properties not emitted until target execution completes

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi has written about a restriction that he ran into when using CreateProperty and CreateItem tasks to dynamically emit properties and items.  The issue has to do with not being able to access items and properties that are created within a target until the target execution actually completes. So, if you were to run…


MSBee CTP released

Craig points out that the first CTP for MSBee went out early adopters last week.  If you are interested, send an email to ddcpxsln@microsoft.com and get on the CTP! We look forward to your feedback as we continue to work on MSBee in the coming weeks. [ Author: Faisal Mohamood ]

How To: Customizing Project File Intellisense in Visual Studio

So Neil pointed out that you can find the MSBuild schemas in either the .NET Framework install path, as well as the Visual Studio install location. The one in the Framework folder ships as a reference (since MSBuild really is part of the .NET redist). The one in the Visual Studio install folder \Program Files\Microsoft…