Second edition of the MSBuild and Team Foundation Build book released

Not many books that are reviewed like this on Amazon:


Now the heavily augmented second edition has just come out, written by several people at Microsoft and reviewed by the product team.

  • New extensive coverage of building C++ with MSBuild
  • Complete rewrite of the Team Build sections to cover the new Windows Workflow Foundation build orchestration
  • Detail on new MSBuild 4.0 features like inline tasks, and item and property functions.



If you need a reference to Team Build or MSBuild, you should get it.

-- Dan, VS Solution/Project/Build dev lead

Update: Here's a link to the book on Amazon

Comments (4)
  1. Andrew Pennebaker says:

    How do I download/install MSBuild? I can't find a download link anywhere. Is it part of Visual Studio?

    Is the executable name "msbuild.exe"? Which directory does it appear in after installation? Does the installer automatically add it to PATH, or do I have to do it manually?

  2. Chris J. says:

    Andrew MSBuild comes with visual studio.

  3. Koen Williame says:

    @Chris, @Andrew actually no, MSBuild comes with the .Net framework

  4. @Koen: Well, *now* it comes with Visual Studio.

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