Inline Tasks CTP Walkthrough Update

Well the CTP is now out, and I hope all are enjoying a preview of the new features being released in Visual Studio 2010.   Of particular interest is the walkthrough “How to Create an Inline Task”. In this walkthrough, “How to Create an Inline Task”, we are highlighting our new feature “Inline Tasks” that allows you…


MSBuild Extensions Pack releases to web

I am very happy to pass on news from Mike Fourie that has released v1 of a remarkably extensive MSBuild Extensions Pack on codeplex. In his words:  The MSBuild Extension Pack is the successor to the FreeToDev MSBuild Tasks Suite and provides a collection of over 170 MSBuild tasks designed for the .net 3.5 Framework….


Microsoft Source Analysis releases to web

Six months ago, the developers on MSBuild began to use an internal tool then called “StyleCop” in order to clean up our source code going forward. Think of it as a little like “FXCop” for your C# style. It flags as build warnings all kinds of deviations from a set of fairly strict style rules. We excluded…


What’s up with xxx.sln.cache?

We have an infrastructure in developer division for performance measurement. Before a feature crew integrates into their product unit branch, or a product unit does one of their periodic integrations of changes into a main branch, they must pass RPS (“regression prevention system”). This runs of the order of 100 performance scenarios in a clean,…

Article in .NET Developer’s Journal

There’s a new article by Xin Yan and myself published in the .NET Developer’s Journal. We cover MSBuild from scratch, but also the new file format features in .NET 3.5 and our plans for the future. Check it out. Dan