Sprint 12 review

This morning we had our review of work done during Sprint 12. As you hopefully recall we run two sprints simultaneously: one focused on our conversion effort and one focused on platform investments.

Sumedh got stuck in traffic on 520, so Faisal stepped in to drive the proceedings. Faisal handled it well, applause applause. And now, on to the review details...

Converting Visual Studio Builds (conversion): We converted three more trees, with one more currently under code review (we can't call the one under code review done because for us "done" means checked-in). At this point every team in Visual Studio is either done or in the process of converting except one.

Tool for Infering Project-to-Project References (conversion): As part of our conversion effort we want to ensure that all dependencies between trees are explicitly stated through project-to-project (P2P) references. Dan worked on a tool that will go and automatically add P2P references to converted projects. He gave a demo during the review, and it was super sweet!

Multi-Proc Development Work (platform): Vlad and Sumedh spent most of the sprint working on implementing the beginnings of multi-processor support in the engine. They did a demo of what they have working so far, and it's so cool to see the beginnings showing up. We're a long way from having something that's useful outside of concocted projects, but progress is being made. Here's a picture of what the demo looked like:

Fixing Bugs: This wasn't part of either sprint, but was something we had to do as part of a larger effort by Visual Studio. We need to keep our bugs at or near zero, and since we've been receiving new bugs through the MSDN Product Feedback Center we had some work to do.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]

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