7 Steps to MSBuild

Brennan has a great post about all things MSBuild, and covers good breadth on both concepts, as well as the many things you may want to drive with MSBuild (unit testing, web deployment projects, etc). Check it out! [ Author : Faisal Mohamood ]


Multi-Targeting : How does it work?

So in my last post, I described the multi-targeting feature at a very high level. I discussed how there will be three frameworks that you can build “for”, and how there will be two toolsets – i.e. .NET Framework 2.0 / MSBuild 2.0 toolset, and the .NET Framework 3.5 / MSBuild 3.5 toolset. Recall that the…


MSBuild, Orcas, and Multi-targeting

Disclaimer: Since I am talking about Orcas, and as of yet unreleased software, what follows is subject to change. So if you were curious enough to dig into what the October 2006 Orcas CTP contained, you might have seen something related to MSBuild – namely, Multi-Targeting. Here’s what the release notes for the CTP says, with respect…


MSBuild / Visual Studio aware error messages and message formats

MSBuild recognizes error messages and warnings that have been specially formatted by many command line tools that typically write to the console. For instance, take a look at the following error messages – they are all properly formatted to be MSBuild and Visual Studio friendly.     Main.cs(17,20): warning CS0168: The variable ‘foo’ is declared but…


/p property values are immutable – (sort of)….

Hello there – sorry for the long absence, but we’re back and hopefully I’ll keep this going again. So there was a recent forum post about how property values that are specified from the command line are immutable – i.e. it is not straightforward to change them from within the project file. Well, this is…


Hotfix is Now Available for Warning C4945

If you’ve been reading our forums you may have seen the long-running thread regarding warning C4945 slowing down certain types of builds. This issue was also reported through our Connect feedback center as issue 123509. I’m pleased to announce that we have a hotfix available for this problem, and that it’s now available through our…


See what Matt Lee of XBox Game Technology Group has to say about MSBuild / XNA Build

Go check out this really awesome Ars Technica Interview of Matt Lee from the XBox Game Technology Group. While the whole interview is well worth the read, I’d like to quote what Matt has to say about what XNA is doing in the space of builds…. “The XNA Build community technology preview released at GDC…


A New Tool For Visually Editing Build Process

Eugene sent us mail today to let us know that his company has released a neato little freeware tool to visually edit MSBuild files. A quick glance at the website shows an impressive list of features for v1: Load and modify any file complying to MSBuild schema View build project structure in a tree view…


InfoWorld picks up on MSBee, and a few other goodies….

InfoWorld picks up on some of the things we have done recently, and talks about MSBee, among other things. If you haven’t tried MSBee, be sure to check it out if you want to build for .NET 1.1 using MSbuild. If you have tried MSBee, do tell us what you think! [Author: Faisal Mohamood]


Batching Brainteaser Explained

So, as some of you pointed out, the batching brainteaser does print out the “intersection” of GroupA and GroupB. But how exactly does this work? Recall that when you access metadata on an item list during a task invocation, you will trigger batching – and this will essentially cause the item list to get filtered, causing…