How To: Perform Nightly Builds with Team Foundation Server

Edit: Ok, after talking with Khushboo and given Niels's comment, it's clear that the article I linked to is woefully out of date. Please ignore this post. If you want to perform nightly builds with Team Foundation Server, tfsbuild.exe is the tool to use.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]

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  1. I was able to schedule nightly builds using tfsbuild.exe included with beta 3 (not in beta 2?) The documentation is slightly off, but still it’s very easy to set up a scheduled build.

    Since you now post this link to a beta 2 article does that mean that the tfsbuild.exe is inadquate – or is not making it into the RTM?

  2. Mike Fourie says:


    I didn’t realise the article referenced Beta 2, I just found it via someone else’s blog. My bad! I’ll check with the Team Build folks by email and see what the deal is.


  3. khushboo says:

    Hi Neils

    We absolutely have tfsbuild.exe shipping in RTM and as you mention that would be the right way to schedule nightly builds. As you point out – this was missing in the beta2 bits.


  4. Nigel Findlater says:

    Do you know the URL where I can download Team Builder. I am trying to set this up on a dedicate machine.


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