Sprint 9 Backlog: Platform Sprint

Here are the tasks we selected for the platform sprint. For those who aren't familiar, our platform work is about laying the foundation to enable multi-proc support.

Overall roadmap for multi-proc build (critical)


By roadmap we mean an outline of when we’ll have each of the sub pieces of multi-proc support implemented.


Authoring and team review/signoff of multi-proc design docs (critical)


No real additional description is necessary here, it’s two of our developers doing hard-core work on getting a proper design in place for multi-proc support. Note the addition of team review/signoff to the item: it’s not enough to have the document, we want it done and agreed to so we can start implementation in our next sprint.


Prototype of multi-proc builds (target)


Ideally we’d have some sort of a prototype of multi-proc builds done to illustrate key concepts. This would be similar to the type of prototype work that Vlad did for distributed builds in our previous sprint.


Team review/signoff of compatibility test plan (critical)


As a follow-up to work done in the previous sprint, we need to sign off on the complete test plan for MSBuild compatibility testing. As a team we are doing no new development work on MSBuild until we are convinced we have full compatibility testing in place. We’ll be posting more about what this means in the near future.


Fully automated testing of compatibility requirements that block multi-proc development (critical)


This goes along with the previous item. We need to have the tests implemented and running on developer machines for compatibility requirements that prevent us from doing development on multi-proc.


Fully automated testing of compatibility requirements blocking other development (target)


We obviously need full compatibility testing, but we’ve broken out the testing that doesn’t block multi-proc development.

[ Author: Neil Enns ]

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