Cranking up the build verbosity in the IDE

We are often asked whether it's possible to crank up the build output verbosity when building inside the IDE....think building from the command line using msbuild /verbosity:Detailed or msbuild /v:Detailed

Sure, it's possible, and we've made it dead simple to do so.  All you need to do is to go into the Tools->Options menu, and go to Projects and Solutions->Build and Run and change the value of the MSBuild project build output verbosity.  You can pick between Quiet, Minimal, Normal, Detailed and Diagnostic.


[Author: Faisal Mohamood]

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  1. MSBuild does a good job of reporting build errors, but MSBuild can only report errors that the underlying

  2. Keyboard Trampler says:

    How do I alter the verbosity level in the middle of the MSBuild script – I would like to have the verbosity cranked up around the problem area when I am debugging, but I dont want everything to be so verbose….

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  4. MikeB says:

    In VS2010, C++ project builds generate a lot of output that I don't need.  I have been unable to get rid of the following sections of the build output for each project:  "Project Performance Summary", "Target Performance Summary", and "Task Performance Summary".

    I've tried changing the "MSBuild project build output verbosity" and "MSBuild project build log file verbosity" from the (apparent default) "Minimal" to the value "Quiet", but the three "Summary" sections mentioned above continue to appear for each project.

    How can I get rid of those "Summary" sections that don't help me.

  5. MikeB says:

    Related item:

    When building from the VS2010 IDE, the build output does not include "Success" or "Failure" indications for individual projects.  It does include the final summary line showing how many projects succeeded or failed.

    When running devenv from the commandline, the output does include the Success"/"Failure" indications.

    Generally, I would like build output that looks similar to the output from VS2005/VS2008.  It doesn't have to be exactly the same.  🙂    I have scripts to parse the build output to tell me which of the 110+ projects in our solution failed, and to show me the output from a specified project.

    How can I get success/failure indications for each project to appear in the build output when using the IDE?

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