The Real Meaning of Cloud Architecture

How’s that for a catchy title? In the early days of the cloud, most people thought of it as a way to host applications: it was an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) world. I liked to call IaaS the “xcopy” model since it essentially means you take a VM and copy it into the cloud…


Partner Catalyst Blog

As you know, our team works closely with customers and partners to build some really amazing applications; we’ve recently renamed our team the Partner Catalyst Team (in Developer Evangelism) to reflect the fact that we aspire to “catalyzing” your innovation. Our team gets “hands-on” with the code, working closely with you to create “epic” applications….


Enterprise Architecture in the Time of the Cloud

Yesterday I presented at the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit in Grapevine, Texas. A great venue and a great audience, and thanks to Gartner for the opportunity and thanks to all who came for the fabulous reception. Many have asked for the slides so I’ve attached the deck to this blog post. Enjoy, and happy architecting!…


IT Standards

For any IT organization to remain agile, efficient, and cost-effective, it must implement a set of technical and process standards to guide project implementations. Now, many people recoil at the notion of standards – at “someone else telling me how to do my job.” But properly managed, standards can be liberating, and far from slowing…


Architecture Review Boards

Recently here at Microsoft we had a number of email threads on the purpose and value of architecture review boards (ARB’s) for IT organizations. As the CTO for Microsoft IT for a number of years, I created (actually, re-created) and chaired our ARB, and we learned a lot about them: what worked; what didn’t; what added value to…


Progress and Breakthroughs: Why Not a Breakthrough?

It’s been said that evolution should not be thought of as a steady, linear progression of biology, but rather as a series of disruptions over time. Much the same can be said about technology, that progress is not measured by slowly changing incremental improvements; but instead by great and profound changes, whether you call them…


Lockheed Martin Architect Development

Today we feature a guest post from Lockheed Martin’s  Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulin, LM Master Architect, LM Fellow, Chair, Joint Architecture Working Group (JAWG) and ADQP In September we in the LM Architect community enjoyed a superb keynote presentation from Microsoft’s Patrick Chanezon at our annual Architect’s Workshop, which was attended by over 200 people in…


Architects at Work

Architects @ Work! Here in Microsoft’s TED (Technical Evangelism and Development) organization, we believe in hands-on architecture. A good part of our charter involves working with customers on amazing new applications that take our platform in new directions or demonstrate exciting new use cases. Here are some examples of “epic”technologies and applications we’re working on…


Barry’s Rules of Engineering and Architecture

Over the years I’ve developed a set of rules I use when building software. They’re far from complete, far from perfect, but I’ve found them useful and perhaps you will too. More importantly perhaps telling you mine will encourage you to share yours. So here goes! Build for the future. This seems obvious, but in…


Evolution of IT Roles in a Cloud World

Hello everyone, welcome back from the summer; here in the Pacific Northwest I can attest it was very sunny and surprisingly hot! One of the topics that frequently comes up in briefings and in discussions with customers is the evolution of roles in enterprise IT as we enter the cloud era. Historically, IT departments have…