How we built team system on team system

When I was out talking to customers over the last couple of months I was surprised to hear so many of them ask “how do you do it?” in terms of our software processes, and especially with respect to the roll out of team system.  Eric Lee, John Lawrence and I were discussing that and…


Sequel to off-road coverage article now posted

It’s a tale of a wronged brother seeking vengance.  A tale of intrigue, mystery and politics.  Bolder and braver, it goes places the first installment feared to tread.  Well actually it’s none of those things, but it is the sequel to my article on using the team system code coverage collection mechanisms “Off-road”.  This installment…


Visual Studio Team System “off-road” code coverage analysis and reporting experience

Team System “off-road” code coverage analysis and reporting experience   John Cunningham, Developer Lead, Diagnostics team, VSTS What again? This article is actually a follow on to an article I wrote about collecting coverage data using some of the Team System coverage infrastructure pieces.  You can read that article here.  One of the common requests…


Coverage errors

A bunch of folks have replied to my original offroad posting on using the code coverage infrastructure.  There seems to be one common issue that comes up.  Folks seem to be collecting data fine, but when they use my snippet for loading coverage data with the analysis engine, they get the following exception: Microsoft.VisualStudio.CodeCoverage.CoverageCreateException was…


Team System Code Coverage – it works for native C++ too

Today I got yet another request from inside Microsoft about when our code coverage utilities will work for native C++ code.  I’ve been asked the same question by customers several times.  And of course my answer is always “Now”.  Although the unit test framework is aimed squarely at the managed world, the coverage infrastructure was…


By popular demand – COBOL Code coverage

As a follow up to my last  blog post, I thought I’d show COBOL coverage in all of its glory.  See here the demo from MicroFocus’ COBOL using our coverage tools: So there you go!  Now there will be no excuse for testing your COBOL and getting good coverage for those tests… John


PDC Day 3

Another day fille with a variety of issues across profiling, debugging and team system.  First order of business was attending the talk given by our PM, Gabriel Marius, on building performant and reliant applications with VSTS.  At a rough guess there are a several hundred people there.  Despite a few minor issues, Gabriel’s talk goes…


PDC Day 2

Another fun day at the office today, with a host of different customer issues and questions to work on. Just before I manage to escape and get some breakfast when i get to the track lounge, I spy Bob Davidson, the C++ Dev Manager and a good pal, staring at the debugger screen.  As a…


PDC Day 1

Well, after a quiet start to the day for me personally, things sure got busy later.  Things were quiet largely due to the keynote overrun, and just too many great breakout sessions to attend.  A few folks swung by the hands on labs and started using our lab.  Sadly, using VPCs with the profiler is…


PDC at last

It’s great to think that PDC is just around the corner.  It’s been a while since I’ve been at one of the major focus events, I think the last was TechEd2003, when Team System was starting out.  So I’m glad to be getting together with customers in what is the most developer centric of events. …