An expansion in the VS debugger (aka we’re hiring)

We've been working for a while now on a plan to re-invest in one of Visual Studio's core strengths - the debugger. 

I'm very proud to be associated with one of the pieces of VS that is used by every developer almost every day, from the folks who actually use the debugger as a creation tool in a RAD mode, like the VB users, to those debugging complex distributed problems in the enterprise, to native C++ developers trying to figure out some crashdump from their application in the field.

Needless to say, the debugger is impacted by the wealth of platforms that Microsoft brings to the developer community, and that means we've not moved the debugging experience as far forward as we would have liked.  So down to business - we're hiring.  We have positions available in Dev, PM and Test. I've broken down the dev jobs by the major areas we are trying to invest in:

Native C/C++ debugging
We're looking for someone to lead the charge and take the great native debugging experience we have today to new heights.  You would work on everything from multi-threaded and crashdump debugging, to stronger support for inter-op and extensibility in our debugger.  We're going to be staffing up in this area, so this is the first position of more to come.  Read more details here.

Silverlight/WPF debugging
WPF and by extension Silverlight come with their own particular challenges.  We're looking for someone to build new debugger features to specifically help customers develop the next wave of rich internet and client software.  Find out more about this position here.

AJAX/Asp.Net/Script/WCF debugging
In VS2008 we made some great advances in our script debugging story (better data visualizations, breakpoint mapping from asmx to client script), but the job is still not complete.  This particular position has a very large scope, touching on a lot of platforms, so we're looking for a pretty senior dev.  Get the full scoop here.

Debugger user experience (aka GUI!)
The debugger has one of the largest user experience surface areas in all of Visual Studio.  Choices made in the debugging experience could literally save developers thousands of hours in their daily lives.  Want to have that kind of impact?  Love building great experiences?  Check out the details here.

I'll be following up in the next few days with links to our positions in Test and PM.  We're a very collaboration oriented team, encouraging people to work across disciplines and with peers to come up with the best solutions.  The team's really excited to see us expand in this way.  We know the folks who can help us define the next wave of debugging support are out there, and we look forward to working with you!

If you do end up applying, feel free to mention you saw the positions on joc's blog. 

Cheers now,


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  1. Greazer says:

    Um no, this is NOT an April Fools joke! 🙂 The debugger team is truly expanding. So if you you have the passion and desire to join a great team and touch the lives of millions of developers around the world, please be sure to submit your resume via any of the links above.

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