Coverage errors

A bunch of folks have replied to my original offroad posting on using the code coverage infrastructure.  There seems to be one common issue that comes up.  Folks seem to be collecting data fine, but when they use my snippet for loading coverage data with the analysis engine, they get the following exception:

Microsoft.VisualStudio.CodeCoverage.CoverageCreateException was unhandled
Message="Error when creating coverage info: Error loading symbols"

This is caused by the analysis engine's failure to load a pdb file or the assembly referenced in a coverage file.  To fix this, simply ensure you set the symbol path member on the static instance of the CoverageInfoManager to the path to where you have those instrumented assemblies and pdbs.

I'm currently working on finishing my article that focuses more on the facilities offered by the analysis engine, and it will include a much richer description of this stuff.

Also, feel free to comment on my blog if there are deficiencies in our coverage solution that you would like to see addressed in coming versions.

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  1. The profiler team has been crazy busy with getting Visual Studio Team System shipped and out the door,…

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