The Beta2 push, and Team System in Europe

Looks like my blog is a little green and moldy, time to scrape that off and freshen things up.

Currently in the DA team we're feverishly getting the final kinks worked out of Beta2.  We're pretty pleased with the way things are shaping up.  It was great to see some coverage of our tools in MSDN (please see John Robbin's article here).  It gives a nice round out of how to get going with the profiler. 

With the Beta2 release, you can look forward to some great features around .Net, including improved sampling with .Net and our .Net memory profiling features, as well as integration with other features in team system such as getting performance statistics on a specific test, and filing work items based on performance issues in the Team System work item tracking database.  We're really trying to ensure that software performance is an important part of the lifecycle, by making the tools well integrated.

I'm also preparing to head to Europe to speak at a few engagements directly.  I'll be demoing many of the features that are available in Team System Developer Edition, and hoping to meet as many customers as possible.  I'm constantly amazed at the variety and complexity of projects, and how customers are always finding new and innovative ways to use our tools.  It's always good to hear your pain points too, we want to ensure we're focusing in the right areas when planning new and future versions.  If there are specific topics you'd like to see covered by the VSTS group when in Europe, please reply on this blog.

Cheers for now, and a guid new year to all as we say in Scotland


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