One last debugger tip

Since Matt is doing a great job of documenting the handy features I added in the debugger, I thought I'd try and beat him to the punch on some of the last few things.  Normally John Robbins makes a pile of cash from putting these in his excellent books, so I hope he won't be too miffed at me.

There are three new pseudo varaibles available in the watch window when you are debugging native code.

  1. $TID - Have a guess.  Handy to do quick thread specific breakpoints (conditionals on $TID == 0X0000BAAD)
  2. $ENV - Typing this in shows the size of the env block in the value column.  Trying to set this to zero in the value column prints out the env block into the output window (in the finest tradition of debugger pseudo variables - thanks Andy!).  Use this to prove that the "set environment" feature worked to your satisfaction.
  3. $CMDLINE - This shows the size of the command line string that launched this exe (handy in attach scenarios).  Again, try to set it to zero to see the command line in the output window.

Hope these come in handy.


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  1. Dmitry Zaslavskiy says:

    This is cool

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