Help! To policy, methodology or just plain old help?

I volunteered to work on a feature for other groups in VSTS that are responsible for integrating methodology guidance (such as MSF, MSFAgile, or your very own custom process guidance) and policy guidance (e.g. "my group says that the definition of a priority 1 bug is the application crashes").  What I'm trying to get my head around is when you want either of these help topics retuned versus getting the help for the actual window you are interacting with.

I characterize these three helps as:

1. Guidance about how to accomplish the task (methodology)
2. Guidance on the parameters associated with this task (policy)
3. Guidance on using the tool to accomplish the task.

These seem subtle differences, but I think they relate to the types of content we are going to proffer up.  For the example above "opening a bug" you may have methodolgy which says "create a repro etc.,etc."  Then you have the policy that says "must be assigned to test lead first for triage, must have priority set with the following guidelines", and then you have the bug entry window help that says "To save the bug press save or submit".

So go on, tell me when and where you'd like to interact with these types of guidance.

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