Beta1 Refresh with Team System

Head on over to RickLa’s blog to find out more about this release. J


One last debugger tip

Since Matt is doing a great job of documenting the handy features I added in the debugger, I thought I’d try and beat him to the punch on some of the last few things.  Normally John Robbins makes a pile of cash from putting these in his excellent books, so I hope he won’t be…


Help! To policy, methodology or just plain old help?

I volunteered to work on a feature for other groups in VSTS that are responsible for integrating methodology guidance (such as MSF, MSFAgile, or your very own custom process guidance) and policy guidance (e.g. “my group says that the definition of a priority 1 bug is the application crashes”).  What I’m trying to get my…


Will someone turn the volume down

Yeah, my blog has been a bit quiet lately.  Simple reason is I’m a new dad.  One of my colleagues, Matt Pietrek, commented that what I’d really really need in the first few years is a custom debugger display rule to let me inspect the current state of the baby.  How prophetic that turns out to…



Now that Beta1 is out, I’d like to draw attention to the little known new debugger feature called tracepoints.  What are tracepoints you ask?  Well tracepoints are a cure for a couple of things I found myself doing countless times while tracking down nasty bugs: Stopping the program to inspect something at a breakpoint meant no-repro…


Maoni Stephens blog

Maoni Stephens, performance PM in the CLR, has started a blog. She discusses many of the deeper issues that are associated with managed code performance.  Head over there to check it out.


The mechanics of getting it done in software

One thing that’s very close to my heart as the developer division has grown over the last few years is the mechanics of how we get software done.  All of the things that don’t really fit into “writing code or tests”.  These are all the tasks like: Making sure you get a consistent build out…


Profilers – when and where?

Please be sure to check out the team blog we have here This has the most input from the broader team on profiling and performance issues.  I’ll talk somewhat in my blog about some of the technology we use, but that site is always your best bet. For the moment, I’d like to solicit feedback…



<BORING INTRO>I’m John Cunningham, I’m the dev lead for the dynamic analysis team (performance tools and code coverage infrstructure).  I’ve been working on tools like debuggers and profilers for 10 years now, starting in Scotland developing debuggers for Windows and Unix, then debuggers for embedded systems, then debuggers and profilers at MS.  I’ve been involved…