Support-Info:(SYNC SERVICE): stopped-server: msidmCompositeType or Asynchronous Processing Scenario

Stopped-Server Checklist 0x80230405 (The operation failed because the object cannot be found Overview The stopped-server status is a common status that is seen in the FIM Synchronization Service Engine when executing an import and/or export run on a given management agent.  The following information has been compiled to provide guidance on how to begin troubleshooting…


Support-Info: (SYNC SERVICE): Troubleshooting Stopped-Server Information and Links

    Troubleshooting FIM 2010 R2 Stopped-Server Error on the FIM Service Management Agent: TROUBLESHOOTING: stopped-server (Event ID: 6311 and 6401): TROUBLESHOOTING: FIM GALSYNC Stopped-Server:       Additional Information / Resources Support-Info: (SYNC SERVICE): Export Run Profile: Information, Testing, Troubleshooting        


Support-Tip:(SYNC SERVICE): stopped-server: Troubleshooting Event ID: 6311 and 6401

All, An issue has recently popped up in support.  We have documented it on the following TechNet Wiki TROUBLESHOOTING: stopped-server (Event ID: 6311 and 6401): In response to the below comments: This might work to help you get by on the SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service.  However, there could be an underlying problem, so…