[Troubleshooting] GalSync MA: Exchange 2010 Provisioning – “extension-dll-timeout” error on export


  • Synchronization Service Engine
  • Global Address List (GalSync) Synchronization Connector with Exchange 2010 Provisioning
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010

Problem Statement

  • GalSync Management Agent configured for Exchange 2010 provisioning was failing on Export with “extension-dll-timeout”.  The export would run for approximately 3 minutes and then fail.  No adds, updates or deletes would be processed.

Error Message

  • extension-dll-timeout

Steps for Resolution

  1. Reviewed the configuration.
  2. Tried running a test to export 10 objects.  The export still failed.
  3. All other management agent run profiles were running successfully, just the export was failing.
  4. Reviewed the “Configure Extensions” for the GalSync MA and verified the Exchange URI.
  5. The Exchange URI was pointing to a single CAS server.  The export had worked previously but just recently had stopped working.
  6. The specified Exchange CAS server has had an issue recently with opening PowerShell where it will take a long time to open a PowerShell session even directly on the server.
  7. Updated the URI to point to a different CAS server, which was not having an issue when opening PowerShell, and the export is now running successfully.


An Export on the GalSync Management Agent with Exchange 2010 Provisioning enabled first tries to connect to the Exchange 2010 CAS Server based on the URI specified on the Configure Extensions Tab (How to get the Exchange 2010 CAS Information) even prior to exporting any objects to ensure it is available and the FIM Synchronization Service is able to connect.

Once the connection has been confirmed the GalSync Management Agent will export the contact objects to Active Directory.

Once the contact has been export the GalSync Management Agent executes a remote PowerShell CMDLET called Update-Recipient which populates the legacyExchangeDN and the mail attributes on the contact objects.


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