[Troubleshooting] The FIM server you have entered does not exist or is not running.


Had an issue where the FIM Portal was being installed on a separate server than the FIM Service.

Receiving an error message during the FIM Portal installation:

    "The FIM server you have entered does not exist or is not running.  Click 'Back' to enter a different server name.  If you plan to install the FIM service on '<server name>' later, click 'Next' to accept the configuration and continue."

 Found there was a network firewall between the FIM Service Server and the FIM Portal box.

 Steps for Resolution

  1. Verified we could access the FIM Service from the portal server by accessing:

    http://<FQDN of FIM Service Server>:5725

  2. Gathered network traces and found some ports were being blocked by the network firewall
  3. Verified ports 5725 and 5726 were opened in the firewall
  4. Opened DCOM port 135
  5. Still had the error message during the FIM portal installation
  6. Gathered another network trace and found there were RPC ports blocked
  7. Opened RPC port range:  49152-65535
  8. The FIM portal then was able to contact the FIM Service box and was installed successfully
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