Announcing ECMA 2.2, PowerShell, SharePoint User Profile and Generic LDAP Connector Beta available on Connect


We are pleased to
announce that we have released a new version of ECMA2, one new Connector
and an update to two Connectors to Connect for pre-release evaluation.


A new release of the Sync
Engine is available on Connect and it has ECMA 2.2 in it. These are the
new features:

Connector can be initiated and can run outside the sync engine. It is
now possible to do a test driven implementation where you create all
unit tests for your Connector in Visual Studio and test your Connector
without even having a Sync Engine. You can also debug the Connector
without having a Sync Engine present.

A new
capabilities page and calling the capabilities later in the flow. It is
now possible to ask the user for information and connect to the target
directory and use that information for the Connector’s capabilities.

Added support
for dn as anchor for LDAP based directories and not providing the object
type for update/delete operations in delta import.


We also have a new

This is the MCS Connector we took back to the PG and productized. Some
of the features mentioned above for ECMA 2.2 were added to make this
Connector easier to use.


We have also refreshed
some Connectors based on feedback from our previous pre-release:

SharePoint User
Profile Connector will allow you to connect to the user profile store in
SharePoint. This will simplify integrations for multi-forest and non-AD

The Generic
LDAP Connector is intended for connectivity with Open LDAP directories.


We are also looking for
customers who would be interested to test these Connectors in a
production environment. These customers will get access to the Volume
License version of FIM. If you have a candidate customer, please send me
an email.


Make sure you have signed
up for the program “Forefront Identity Manager 2010” – “FIM
Synchronization Service Connectors Pre-release” on Connect. Even if you
had access to a previous FIM2010 connect program, you need to add
yourself to the Connectors program.

You can then find the
download here:



Comments (1)

  1. josh says:

    Wow. I have been developing an ECMA 2 based Connector and I can't tell you how much I would have loved to be able to test things outside of loading into the Sync Engine.

    Just wow. I'm so glad this is the path you guys are taking.

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