Support-Tip:(SYNC SERVICE): stopped-server: Troubleshooting Event ID: 6311 and 6401


An issue has recently popped up in support.  We have documented it on the following TechNet Wiki

TROUBLESHOOTING: stopped-server (Event ID: 6311 and 6401):

In response to the below comments:

  • This might work to help you get by on the SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service.  However, there could be an underlying problem, so you may want to contact support.
  • The 4.0.2450 build is a build of the Synchronization Service Engine that is behind another product such as the SharePoint User Profile Synchronization Service.



Let me know if you have any questions.

Tim (


Additional Information / Resources

Support-Info: (SYNC SERVICE): Export Run Profile: Information, Testing, Troubleshooting

Comments (3)

  1. Paul says:

    I'm getting these errors on a DS_FULLIMPORT with SharePoint 2010 user profile synchronization service.  Could this fix it?

  2. David says:

    I'm getting these errors in SharePoint 2010 user profile sync too. Can't seem to patch this using the FIM hotfixes because the version of FIM that shipped with SharePoint 2010 is pre-RTM. What are my options for fixing this?

  3. Amol Meshe says:

    Hi I am getting this error on SharePoint 2013 environment (MArch 2013 PU installed) where FIM version is 4.0.2450.47.

    The hotfix in suggested article is applicable to FIM with version 4.0.3606.2.

    How could I upgrade My FIM sync service to 4.0.3606.2.


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