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The purpose of this blog is to bring together the documentation that we have surrounding the installation of the different Forefront Identity Manager components.  Links are from our Microsoft TechNet documentation as well as Microsoft TechNet Wiki Pages. The Microsoft TechNet Wiki pages provide information to assist with troubleshooting installation issues and companion documents to provide guidance with installing the different Forefront Identity Manager components.

Product Installation documents

FIM 2010 Installation

FIM 2010 R2 Installation

BHOLD Installation

Installation Companion Documents

The purpose of the Installation Companion Documents is to provide guidance to installing the different components of the Forefront Identity Manager product.  The companion documents are meant as a proactive guidance for installations. 


A common discussion is on FIM Topology. The following three Microsoft TechNet documents provide information around this topic of conversation. 


The Accounts Companion document will recommend  the different accounts that you will need for the installation of the different components.  In the document you will  see suggested account names, as well as the different permissions that these  accounts will most likely require.

Here is some additional information that will help when working with the Forefront Identity Manager product.

How to configure the Active Directory Management Agent Account





The Hotfix Companion document covers the different hotfixes that have been released for the Forefront Identity Manager product.

[Reference] Quick
  Guide to installing BHOLD Core

This is a quick guide to installing BHOLD Core 

  Server Alias

This companion document provides how to information on setting up a SQL Server Alias.

Installation Troubleshooting Documents

The installation troubleshooting documents are mostly Microsoft TechNet Wiki documents that have been created by support to provide assistance in resolving these types of issues.  The Installation Troubleshooting documents will cover the base installation as well as issues encountered with hotfix updates. 

FIM Synchronization Service

This section covers issues that have been encountered while installing the Synchronization Service.  It will cover base installation as well as hotfix updates.

FIM Service and Portal

This section covers installation issues pertaining to the FIM Service and Portal installation.  It includes the base installation issues as well as hotfix update installation issues.

If you are installing the FIM Portal it may roll back on you without presenting any type of error message.  If this happens, you will want to run the install again and acquire a Windows Installer Log.  You can do this through the following steps:

  1. Open an Administrative Command Prompt
  2. Navigate to where the Installation Media is resting
  3. Execute the installation:
    1. msiexec /I <name of msi> /l*v myinstalllog.txt
  4. Look for Return Value 3 - this will give you where the exception is happening


Service doesn't Start

SharePoint Related

FIM Reporting


FIM Certificate Management

FIM Add-Ins and Extensions



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