[Troubleshooting]: FIM Service Management Agent: Failed to retreive schema or Cannot connect to database when creating the FIM Service Management Agent


A common scenario that we see in support for the FIM Service Management Agent is one of two error messages:

  • Failed to connect to the specified database
  • Failed to retrieve schema

We have been collecting this information, and documenting our findings.  Please find below a series of different Microsoft TechNet Wiki articles that we have written.





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  1. billkirk says:

    Here is one more solution to add to the list of resolutions for Failed to retrieve schema errors when creating FIM MA.

    After going through all of the resolutions I decided to review the authentication in IIS Administrator and saw that the pool was set to integrated, I changed it to classic restarted IIS and try to create the FIM MA again. It worked immediately. go figure.

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