PDC 2005 Videos and Slides and demos are now online

The PDC 2005 videos are now online (via http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2005/10/24/484434.aspx). Oleg has distilled the XML and language specific presentations. And finally, from that list, here is the pointer to my presentation: DAT405: SQL Server 2005: Deep Dive on XML and XQuerySpeaker: Michael RysManaging semi-structured and markup data is becoming an increasingly important aspect of data management….


The PDC F5 Network Interview is now online

The friendly folks of the F5 Networks Dev Central team interviewed me at PDC 2005. The 5 minute interview is now online (please accept my apologies for the rambling, but I seem to be recovering from the attendee party :-)).

News from the PDC 2005: XQuery, LINQ and friends, SQL Server 2005 September CTP

First, we have released the September SQL Server 2005 CTP for download. This is the last CTP before the final release. Yeah! I will write my customary change blog on what has changed in the XML area a bit later this week. This year’s PDC again is quite exciting. First my presentation on XQuery in…

PDC 2005 XQuery Deep Dive talk outline

Here is the high-level outline of the talk I am planning on presenting. Note that there is lots of ground to cover and only limited time. Thus, I am not planning on giving an in-depth XQuery tutorial but rather show several XQuery statements to give a feel for the language and talk about how to use…

Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery

Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery, because I will be presenting a deep dive into XQuery in SQL Server at PDC. Here are some PDC links: PDC Main Page PDC Sessions Registration PDC Bloggers Channel 9 PDC page If you are interested in XQuery, XML-oriented programming languages…