Posts related to XQuery and its Type System

The following postings are discussing aspects of XQuery and its Type System: Discussion of the problems of the syntax and semantics of the XQuery SequenceType in the Nov 2003 XQuery Last Call document. Series on the XQuery and XPath 2.0 Type System An Introduction to the XQuery (and XPath 2.0) Type System: The general concepts An…


Watching the Press

There are many good articles available on the web about XML support in databases and especially SQL Server. But even the best articles can be nitpicked on (including my own :-)). Check out the following posts (and the original articles) to get my take and constructive criticism on some recent web articles on XML and…


Posts on FOR XML

Here are a bunch of links explaining FOR XML. It covers some FOR XML EXPLICIT functionality and focuses on the new capabilities in SQL Server 2005. FOR XML EXPLICIT or the “Query from Hell“ in SQL Server 2005: A less likely encounter Moving FOR XML EXPLICIT to the new PATH mode: Part 1 Part 2…


Posts on SQL Server 2000’s XML support

Here are some interesting posts related to SQL Server 2000’s XML support (also see the upcoming summary on SQL Server 2005’s XML support posts): Explains why SQL Server 2000’s XML support is still relevant and how it evolves into SQL Server 2005 Providing the link to the MSXML 2.6 DLL that was missing in SQL…


Posts on XML Schema

Here are my musings on XML Schema (only the ones I have written down so far :-)): Is XML Schema usable as a type system? How to evolve XML Schema collections in SQL Server 2005 The XQuery Type System is based on XML Schema How XML Namespaces and XML Schema relate (no, they are not…


Posts on XML: Values, Uses and Future

The following links give my opinions on: What is XML good for? My negative position on a standardized binary XML interoperability format The (non-)value of XML 1.1 Naming the SQL Server 2005/ISO SQL-2003 XML data type instances    


My TechEd 2004 Presentations

The presentations, demos and Kent Tegel’s synopses are available at


Welcome to my work related blog site

I decided to finally join the community. However, I will contine to mainly blog at and only syndicate the work-related entries on SQL Server, XML Standardization, XQuery, and other XML Technologies here. Until I can do this automatically (I have bugged Scott many times already to add the feature to automatically republish an RSS…