February Azure Data Lake Refresh will complete deprecation for old “PARTITION BY BUCKET” and credential DDL syntax in U-SQL

In the upcoming February refresh, we will be turning some deprecation warnings into errors. Please make sure that you and your customers are aware of the changes and are updating your scripts if necessary. Note that none of these changes should affect jobs that are running already created tables or external data source queries. But it will impact scripts that you use to create the objects.

The first one is that the PARTITION BY BUCKET syntax in the CREATE TABLE statements gets removed and replaced by PARTITION BY only. See https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/azuredatalake/2017/01/23/u-sql-deprecation-notice-partition-by-bucket-will-be-removed/.

The second one is that we are removing CREATE/ALTER/DROP CREDENTIAL statements. They are replaced by the equivalent Powershell commands. See .https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/azuredatalake/2017/01/24/u-sql-deprecation-update-migration-of-data-source-credentials-and-removal-of-create-credential-alter-credential-and-drop-credential/ for details.

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