I am back on my MSDN blog talking about Big Data, Azure Data Lake and U-SQL

Hi all

It has been several years since I last blogged on my MSDN blog. Partially because I have been working on things I could not really blog about, partially because the many changes to the blogging infrastructure lost my log-in account connection. Now I got it back, as - as some of you probably have noticed - I am now working on U-SQL, our new highly-scalable, easy to extend Big Data Query language in the Azure Data Lake. Here are some links to the VS blog and MSDN Magazine articles I have authored on it:

And you can find my presentations on U-SQL (and some older SQL Server related presentations as well) on slideshare.net.

Other resources are:

So how am I going to use this personal blog? I will be blogging here more personal opinions on the data processing industry and the concepts, write adhoc, shorter blogs reacting to tweets, customers questions and requests and author draft postings that I will move over to the team blog.

Please let me know if you have questions and suggestions on things you want me to talk about.

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