New XQuery and XSLT Working Drafts: We are making progress!

The XML Query and XSL Working Groups have released the following Working Drafts of XML Query 1.0, XSL 2.0, XPath 2.0 and supporting documents. The goal of this release is to permit public review of changes made in response to Last Call comments. These documents are very close to the so called Candiate Recommendation that we hope to be able to publish soon. Yeah! We are making progress! Even though my issue with the spec has been closed without making the proposed change (minority opinion, here I come)...

Also published are the following updated Working Drafts which have not yet reached Last Call:

Comments are as always welcome through the W3C's Bugzilla interface or the public comment mailing list.

PS: Thanks to the editors and especially Norm who again did a terrific job on getting the docs ready...

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  1. tzagotta says:

    Once XQuery is ready, can we talk about getting that added into the .NET runtime?

    I’m already sick of interfacing to external XQuery engines for my client-side applications.

  2. mrys says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The System.XML team certainly wants to hear from you (I forwarded your comment to them). I recommend that you provide more details on your requirements on XQuery in the .Net framework per email either to me (, Mike Champion ( or the XML Team ( Some interesting questions would be on what do you see as your personal killer-scenario of using XQuery in .Net. Why are you not using XSLT? Would you consider using XLinq instead or in addition to XQuery (and if not, why not)?

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