News from the PDC 2005: XQuery, LINQ and friends, SQL Server 2005 September CTP

First, we have released the September SQL Server 2005 CTP for download. This is the last CTP before the final release. Yeah!

I will write my customary change blog on what has changed in the XML area a bit later this week.

This year's PDC again is quite exciting. First my presentation on XQuery in SQL Server 2005 (slides) was very well received, second there is some cool stuff being presented - which I knew of before, but seeing it publicly announced and seeing the audience getting excited is still cool and exciting, and third - and most importantly - I am getting some high-quality interactions with our customers. If you are at PDC and want to talk with me, feel free to come by the DAT track lounge in the great hall and ask for me (I will be there Thursday for much of the day).

My code samples that I used during my demo are now up on the COMMNET session download page. I will also place them on my blog for those that want to see the code.

For more details, including my report and my take on the exciting new developments around LINQ and friends please continue here...

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