Presentations at SQLPASS 2005 (Grapevine, Tx)

As many others in the SQL Server community, I have travelled to Grapevine, Texas to attend and present at this year’s SQLPASS 2005 (site seems down while I write this). Since some people were unable to attend or had to leave early, I am now giving an additional presentation on Friday: Friday, September 30228: SQL Server…


The innards of our XQuery implementation

Our VLDB 2005 paper on the innards of our XQuery implementation is now available online. Shankar gave the presentation in Trondheim. As the previous conference papers, this paper gives an in-depth look into how we implement our XML and XQuery support. A must-read for anyone that wants to understand the “how we do it” and the why. From…


The PDC F5 Network Interview is now online

The friendly folks of the F5 Networks Dev Central team interviewed me at PDC 2005. The 5 minute interview is now online (please accept my apologies for the rambling, but I seem to be recovering from the attendee party :-)).


New XQuery and XSLT Working Drafts: We are making progress!

The XML Query and XSL Working Groups have released the following Working Drafts of XML Query 1.0, XSL 2.0, XPath 2.0 and supporting documents. The goal of this release is to permit public review of changes made in response to Last Call comments. These documents are very close to the so called Candiate Recommendation that…


Something for my German speaking audience: Mein Interview mit Martin Szugat

Waehrend TechEd 2005 in Amsterdam hatte ich das Vergnuegen, mich mit Martin Szugat zu unterhalten. Das Interview ist jetzt veroeffentlicht. Ausserdem hat die neueste Ausgabe des dotnet Magazins SQL Server 2005 inklusive XML Support zum Schwerpunkt ( [10MB ZIP Datei]). Viel Spass! At TechEd 2005 Europe, I had the pleasure to chat with Martin Szugat….


News from the PDC 2005: XQuery, LINQ and friends, SQL Server 2005 September CTP

First, we have released the September SQL Server 2005 CTP for download. This is the last CTP before the final release. Yeah! I will write my customary change blog on what has changed in the XML area a bit later this week. This year’s PDC again is quite exciting. First my presentation on XQuery in…


PDC 2005 XQuery Deep Dive talk outline

Here is the high-level outline of the talk I am planning on presenting. Note that there is lots of ground to cover and only limited time. Thus, I am not planning on giving an in-depth XQuery tutorial but rather show several XQuery statements to give a feel for the language and talk about how to use…


"An invalid character was found" errors when upgrading sp_xml_preparedocument from SQL Server 2000 SP3 to SP4 or SQL Server 2005

Recently, I received several customer reports, that sp_xml_preparedocument started rasing the following errors after upgrading their XML-based application from SQL Server 2000 SP3a (or earlier) to either SP4 or SQL Server 2005: Msg 6602, Level 16, State 2, Procedure sp_xml_preparedocument, Line 1The error description is ‘An invalid character was found in text content.’.Msg 6607, Level…


Hurricane Katrina: How to help

I am deeply saddened by the suffering of the people in New Orleans and surroundings, South Alabama and Mississippi. My heart and best wishes go out to all the people bearing the tremendeous suffering and losses after hurricane Katrina. I encourage everyone to help as much as possible: Call your politicians to get their act…