The SQL Server XML weblogs are blooming and other "news"

While I have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks mainly due to presenting at two TechEd's, attending SIGMOD and still having to do my day jobs, we had quite an explosion of weblogs of the SQL Server XML and XQuery team members. Besides Shankar Pal and Mike Rorke, we now also have the following members of the test team providing useful postings:

  • Galex's Semi-Structured Blog: Galex Yen is one of our testers and has written one post so far on simple types.
  • John Gallardo's Weblog: John is another one of our testers and has been posted several articles on XQuery related issues.
  • Typed XML in SQL Server 2005: Denis Ruckebusch is - you guessed it - another one of our testers who has extensively written already about typed XML (XML validation, XQuery over typed data, static typing).

Shankar has an important weblog entry on how to upgrade XML indices from previous CTPs to the June CTP.

Mike provides among others a posting on how to run an XSLT transform where both the XML and the XSLT is provided as an XML datatype parameter (see also my code sample for my April weblog that shows similar code [:)]) and some insight into how namespaces are being resolved in XQuery.

Finally (for this posting), we have also published updates to most of our whitepapers on MSDN, including

and have a new whitepaper on our XQuery support. Feel free to send me your feedback on the whitepapers!

I have also updated my link collections with the new team weblogs and whitepaper. Now if only I could get community server to provide for a resyndication feature. That way I could easily setup a team weblog that resyndicates all the XML/XQuery team weblogs in one place while providing the whitepaper and presentation links...

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