The XML changes in the February CTP

As you probably have heard by now, we not only have released a new SQL Server edition called Workgroup that is quite a bargain given the included functionality, but now have also released the February CTP for SQL Server 2005. Tom lists many of the cool additions (Report Builder and some others). Although I was awake earlier than him (well, I am on the East Coast right now, more on that in a separate post). Christa points to where to get the SQL Server 2005 Express CTP. If you have a MSDN Universal, Enterprise, or Professional subscription, you can get it from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site, and beta program participants can download it from BetaPlace.

But enough of the link orgy. This CTP contains some important changes in the XML area. Among them several performance improvements over Beta2 and the December CTP for XQuery and the XML-DML (more to follow in the next CTPs/Beta), but also new features and some adjustments that may require changes to your code. They are all listed in the CTP Note, but I will list them here as well and give some additional information for some of them.

Please continue here for more details...

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