Official statement on cutting XQuery from the .Net Framework is now on MSDN

We have had some discussions about the cutting of XQuery from the .Net Framework in VS2005. Since some people felt that we have not given an official statement yet (weblogs are not official enough :-)) and there still seem to be some people that are not reading weblogs, we have published the official statement on the reasons for cutting XQuery from the .Net Framework on the MSDN XML devcenter. Here is an excerpt:

“We are writing this article and posting it on MSDN to put this decision in the proper context. We arrived at this decision after talking to key customers and partners as well as looking at the ETA for XQuery to become a W3C recommendation. “ Continue here...

Comments (3)

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    This is only the client-side being cut, not the server-side. Is it such a big deal then?

  2. Michael, I am not clear on one thing – it says [emphasis mine]: "Microsoft has

    decided not to ship a *****client-side***** XQuery implementation in

    the final version of .NET 2.0 Framework ("Whidbey")."

    Does that mean there’s some server-side XQuery implementation in the

    .NET Framework? I’m a bit confused on this…

  3. Michael Rys says:

    There is no "server-side" implementation in the .Net Framework. There is a server-side implementation in SQL Server 2005 ("natively" built into the query processor).

    As to whether this cut is a big deal: That depends. We clearly though the benefits of the cut outweigh the costs for us and the customers (e.g., the need to adapt later to the final version of the standard).

    I would love to hear from people if they think it is a problem for them (and why)…

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