XML Support in SQL Server 2005 has no dependency on http.sys

A recent blog post claimed that the native XML support in SQL Server 2005 has a dependency on http.sys and thus is only available on Win 2003 Server or Win XP/SP2.

This is incorrect. XML has no such dependency and should be available on all platforms where SQL Server 2005 is supported.

Only the HTTP/SOAP component has such a dependency.

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  1. Wallym says:


    Here is the document I pulled the statement from this.


    Requirements for Native XML Support

    Native HTTP Support requires the HTTP listener (Http.sys) which is only provided with the following Windows environments:

    Windows Server 2003

    Windows XP SP2

    I am going to guess that you know more about this than I and that this is merely a mistake in the documentation. 🙂


  2. Michael Rys says:

    Thanks for the update.

    The wording in the README is a bit misleading but correct.

    The title talks about NATIVE XML SUPPORT, but the section you are quoting talks about the NATIVE HTTP SUPPORT (which has nothing to do with the XML datatype).

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